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walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL

walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL
walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL
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walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL

Item number: 20995 
  • walimex pro Light Shooter Set 180 XXL
    walimex pro Lightshooter 180
  • compact like a system flash - powerful like a studio flash
  • digital flash with 180Ws for simple plugging on the hot shoe of your camera
  • flash output from 1/1 to 1/128 across seven aperture stops in 1/3 steps
  • clearly arranged control panel for almost intuitive operation
  • four different modes: manual, Slave1, Slave 2 and RPT (stroboscope)
  • frequency of the RPT-function adjustable
  • incl. flash tube, reflector with diffuser and connecting cable to Powerblock
  • further light controls optionally available
  • walimex pro Powerblock
  • approx. 500 flash triggerings
  • ideal for wedding and report photography
  • mobility due to compact size and low weight
  • clearly arranged charge and battery status display
  • incl. belt clip, carrier belt, battery charger and vehicle charging cable
  • walimex pro ergonomic flash holder "Shooter"
  • suitable for mounting LED, Action Camera, system camera, system flash, microphone or other accessories
  • Anti -slip surface
  • For portable use
  • high quality material and light weight 
  • walimex pro wireless remote trigger
  • 16 communication channels, which can again be divided into 16 groups 
  • transmitting frequency 433 Hz 
  • operating range up to 50 meters 
  • synchronisation rate: 1/250s 
  • walimex pro Accessory Set 7 pcs Light shooter 180
  • Beauty Dish, standard reflector, flexible umbrella softbox, honeycomp incl. 4 different colour filter, teleskopic extension arm, translucent umbrells, spot fixture and snoot
Item description

walimex pro Lightshooter 180 Set XXL

Lightshooter 180 - Maximum flashing power with minimum size! The Light Shooter flash from walimex pro holds this and even much more in store for you. With its compact size the Light Shooter reminds you of a system flash, but this tiny giant holds as much energy as a studio flash. The ideal tool for work on location.
The flash offers a powerful 180 Ws output with a quick recharging time (0.05 to 2.6 seconds) and a high flashing rate (max. 500). This gives you sufficient power for your next event or wedding shootings, even if it should take some more time. The walimex pro Powerblock, which is also compact, light in weight and thus portable as the Shooter itself, supplies the required electric power. Together these two devices are an unbeatable duo!
The Light Shooter is characterized by its clearly arranged, user friendly control panel, which enables you to make all your desired settings intuitively. The blue illuminated display thereby always gives you a well structured overview of the device's statistics. You receive the walimax pro flash with plug-in flash tube, a reflector with diffuser disc as well as a connecting cable to the Powerblock II. Further accessories, such as e.g. softbox or Beauty Dish, are optionally available to achieve an additional light characteristic. This gives you the flexibility of a studio.

walimex pro Powerblock
This Powerblock makes sure that your compact flash does not run out of power before your next event has really started. It supports the internal batteries for up to approx. 500 flashes. The clear recharge and battery status display will always keep you informed about the current state of this little giant. The Powerblock can be recharged either with the supplied battery charger or the vehicle charging cable. The integrated belt clip and the carrier strap support your mobility.

walimex pro Battey Grip "Shooter"
With this flash bracket'shooter', you can easily and quickly shoot a strong situation. This professional flash holder can be mounted on the flash bracket or under a speed light for handheld use. Higher stability and compatibility, fits all major flashes with Portable and practical quality.

walimex pro universally compatible remote trigger set
The 16-channel radio remote trigger walimex pro Operator USB Plus enables wireless triggering of your flash over a distance of up to 50 meters. The receiver can be easily mounted  to the flash and triggered by hand or on the flash shoe mount of your camera. Nevertheless, the set is highly flexible in use. It is compatible with the walimex pro Light Shooter, the walimex pro Delta Transceiver, but also with each flash with USB-port. 
Due the numerous adjustment possibilities the set is far more than just a wireless flash trigger. 16 possible channels enable the triggering of several flashes, which, die to their arrangement in groups, can be controlled with different power levels. Each flash can thereby be individually controlled or deactivated to achieve an optimal power setting. The remote trigger can alternatively also be used as a sole remote control for the flash. Both the signal sound and the setting light or the AF focussing light beam can be switched on or off, just as desired. The power ratio of the flash can be displayed in two different modes. 

walimex pro accesories set 
Optimal light for every shooting -the accessories set by walimex pro is the ideal supplement for walimex pro lightshooter. Every single part of this set creates a special light characteristic.

    1. Beauty Dish for a natural appearance of eyes - The walimex pro Beauty Dish creates a round, natural appearance of eyes. In relation to the hardness of light, it closes a gap between a softbox and a standard reflector. The honeycomb allows you to shape and focus your light. Define clear shadow edges or accentuate backgrounds by simply clamping the required honeycomb on your Beauty Dish. Handling is always easy and comfortable.

    2. Standard Reflector - Thanks to  the silver inner coating, the reflector for the Light Shooter provides a high  light reflection and therewith hard, straightened light. Thanks to the umbrella hole, you can achieve an additional light characteristic with an umbrella. 

    3. Flexible umprella softbox - Unpack, open, ready! Thanks to the umbrella spreading technique, the softbox is ready for use within just a few seconds and thus predestined for use on location. This makes it just as flexible, compact and convenient as the walimex pro Light Shooter, for which it has been designed. The octagonal shape produces a soft and uniform illumination as well as a round, natural appearance of the eyes. A honeycomb grind and an intermediate diffuser can additionally influence the illumination characteristic. The reflector dish, which makes the softbox work like a Beauty Dish, must be especially emphasized. It allows you to realize a soft and pleasant light.

    4. Honeycomb fixture creates coloured light - A honeycomb fixture, compatible witht the standard reflector of the walimex pro lightshooter, is part of the set, too.  The Honeycombs are circular grids consisting of several hexagonal segments with which you can form and bundle your light. You can define clear shadow edges or accentuate backgrounds with colour. The walimex pro Honeycomb is suitable for the standard reflector of the  Light Shooter. You can clip it in on a simple and quick way and create harder  light within seconds. The colour filter in four different colours provide an additional great light characteristic. 

   5. Telescopic Extension Arm for the illumination from above - The walimex pro Telescopic Extension Arm is a convenient complement for  the Light Shooter. It is ideally suited for setting highlights or in general  for the illumination from above. The Arm can be extended over three sections  from 47cm to 153cm. The desired length can be fixed with the quick-release fasteners on a quick and simple way. On both ends you can find connections  (top: 3/8 inch thread, below: 1/4 inch thread) for connecting flash devices. Due to its compact size and low weight, the Extension Arm is particularly popular on Location, just as the Light Shooter itself. It can be stored and carried very space-saving. The foam padded handle allows a convenient holding of the Arm. 

   6. Translucent umbrella creates soft light - The white translucent umbrella by walimex pro creates very soft and diffuse light. That way it is perfectly suited as main or high light in portrait and product photography.

   7. Spot Fixture and Snoot - This set consisting of Spot Fixture and Snoot is great for the use with the Light  Shooter. They both create a punctual light in the background. They bundle your light in a manner that you can partially illuminate fractions of your motif. Regarding the strength of the light, you will get fantastic results, for example in nude photography. The two honeycombs also provide a straightened light.  

(All parts are compatible with the walimex pro Light Shooter 180 and Light Shooter 360) 


Technical specification
Light Shooter 
Flash factor60 (ISO 100)
Colour temperature5600K +/- 200K
Recharging timeapprox. 0.05 sec. (with low output) to 2.6 sec. (with full output)
Max. number of flashesapprox. 500 (at full output) with pro Powerblock 
Flash duration1/300 sec. up to 1/10000 sec.
ConnectionsUSB, synch cable 3,5mm, hot shoe X-contact
Rotation angle vertical-15° to +90°
Rotation angle horizontal0° to 270°
Weightapprox. 550g
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 20x9x7cm
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 10x3.5x15cm
Operating voltageDC 12V
Charge voltage100-240V
Battery typeNi-Mh
Charging timeapprox. 2 hours
Flash recharging timeup to max. 1 second (depending on the status of batteries in the device)
Flash triggeringsapprox. 500
Weightapprox. 500g
walimex pro universally compatible remote trigger set 
Power supply for the transmitter 3 V (2*AA-Ni-MH- or alkaline batteries) 
Power supply for the receiver 5 V (feed through flash) 
Transmitting frequency 433 MHz wireless remote transmission 
Oprating range 50 m (unobstructed areas) 
Max. synchronizing speed 1/250 second 
Channel 16 
Net weight Set: approx. 85 g, Receiver: approx. 20 g 
Dimensions of receiver (L x W x H) 97.6 * 49.9 * 36,95 mm 
Dimensions of receiver (L x W x H) 57 * 30 * 26,5 mm 
Compatibility walimex pro Light Shooter, walimex pro Delta Transceiver 
walimex pro Battey Grip "Shooter" 
Dimensionsapprox. 128 x 46 x 31 mm
Weightapprox. 120g
Materialplastic material
Beauty Dish 
Diameter Approx. 30 cm
WeightApprox. 300 g
Standard Reflector 
Dimension (Ø x h) Approx. 13 cm x 7 cm
WeightApprox. 60g
Diameter Approx. 48 cm
WeightApprox. 280 g
Honeycomb incl filter 
Diameter Approx. 11,5cm
WeightApprox. 20g                              
Colours FoilsBlue, green, red and yellow
Telescopic extension arm 
Max. Length Approx. 153 cm
Min. LengthApprox. 47 cm
Max. Tube DiameterApprox. 2,5 cm
Connections3/8 inch (top), 1/4 inchl (below)
WeightApprox. 330 g
MaterialAluminium, foam
Translucent umbrella white 
DiameterApprox. 84cm
WeightApprox. 180g
Spotfixture Snoot 
Dimension (Ø front x H) Approx. 4 cm x 15 cm
WeightApprox. 70g
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex pro Flash Light Shooter 180, incl. flash tube, reflector, diffuser, bag
  • 1x walimex pro Powerblock II, connecting cable, carrier strap, vehicle charging cable, battery charger
  • 1x walimex pro radio remote trigger set Operator USB Plus incl. receiver and transmitter 
  • 1x walimex pro accessory Set 7 pcs Light shooter 180 - Beauty Dish, standard reflector, flexible umbrella softbox, honeycomp incl. 4 different colour filter, teleskopic extension arm, translucent umbrells, spot fixture and snoot

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