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Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL

Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL
Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL
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walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL "Perfomance Set"

Item number: 20466 
  • complete Rig-Set for cameras like GH4, Sony A7, Canon 5D and many more
  • height adjustable Cage including extensive accessories
  • full flexibility for any type of use
  • whether as Cage only, as compact Rig or with all accessory parts
  • numerous connecting possibilities
  • extremely light aircraft aluminium
  • made in Germany
Item description

Universal XL Performance Set 
The Aptaris Universal XL Performance Set has been combined for demanding movie makers. Besides the innovative, height adjustable Aptaris Universal XL Cage, it also contains the Aptaris rod, handle and shoulder module. Apart from this, it also offers a vast number of accessories for unlimited flexibility. This set can be converted from a compact “Point and Shoot” set-up to a High-Performance shoulder rig. All parts have been developed in Germany and are made of extremely light aircraft aluminium.

Aptaris Universal XL
walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL n´matches all common cameras, such as e.g. Panasonic GH-3, Nikon D800, Canon 5D Mark III. In short, for all cameras whose flash shoe and tripod thread are positioned on one axis and do not exceed or fall short of the inside measurements of the cage. Aptaris is simply fastened to the camera by the flash shoe of the camera and the camera screw fitting (1/4-inch thread). The adjustability of the cage in height via four Allen screws is an absolute highlight. This makes the version suitable for a vast range of cameras. Two small hooks on the camera mount, which can be individually adapted to the camera, ensure absolutely skid-free mounting. 
Due to its vast number of 1/4 inch threads on all sides as well as a 3/8 inch thread on the bottom side, a vast amount of accessories, like microphones or LED-lights, can be mounted, just as desired. The adjustable handle, which can be mounted at the top, the bottom or at the sides, just as required, provides additional flexibility in use. This enables also filming near ground level. Due to an adapter plate with Manfrotto PL 501 standard, you can also mount Aptaris on a Manfrotto tripod. Access to battery compartment, memory card etc. is in any case ensured. 

Aptaris Rod module
For even higher flexibility walimex pro offers a rod module for the innovative walimex pro Aptaris cage system. The rod module is simply mounted to the main unit by means of an innovative quick-action lock solution. For professional results you can attach further accessories, like e.g. Follow Focus or a Matte box to shield off sun light, to the 15 mm Ø rods. The rod module also offers highest flexibility in use: It is adjustable in height and, with a thread on the bottom side, it can be mounted on a tripod or a quick-release plate.

Aptaris handle module
The Aptaris handle module not only extends your Aptaris Cage, but can also be combined with numerous common rigs. The module is thereby simply mounted to the rods of the rig. Due to their ergonomic design, the handles feel particularly comfortable in your hand. Suitable for rods with a 15 mm diameter (industrial standard).

Aptaris shoulder module
The Aptaris shoulder module not only extends your Aptaris Cage, but can also be combined with a vast number of common rigs. The module is thereby simply mounted to the rods of the rig. Suitable for rods with a 15 mm diameter (industrial standard). The shoulder module can be individually adapted. Soft shoulder pads additionally ensure highest carrying comfort in any situation. The shoulder module is suitable for the left and right shoulder. 

Aptaris cable protection
With this cable protection, torn off cables are a matter of days gone by. This convenient cable protection protects all cables connected to your camera and the associated sockets against damage. With the ¼ inch thread, this cable protection is compatible to many other systems. Just like all accessory parts of the Aptaris system, this cable protection has also been developed and made in Germany and is characterized by highest quality workmanship. Extremely light and long lasting aircraft aluminium is also used for this product.

Aptaris extension arms
These extension arms give you the possibility to move the handles further away from the handle module and to adapt your carrying position as required. The arms are thereby simply and twist-locked fastened to the handle module via rosettes. Convenient are also the three ¼ inch threads, which can be used to mount further accessories. The arms are obviously also made in Germany, manufactured from extremely light aircraft aluminium, just like the complete Aptaris system.

Aptaris 15mm Rod clamp
If you do not want to carry camera and shoulder module offset, but on one axis, you can combine the Rod Clamp with the shoulder module and thereby change the position of your camera. The Rod Clamp is simply pushed over the Rods for fastening. You can also use the rod alternatively for mounting additional accessories. The Rod Clamp has three ¼ inch threads to serve this purpose. The clamp is compatible with 155mm Rods and can therefore be combined with most Rigs. The Rod Clamp is, like all other accessory parts of the Aptaris system, obviously also made in Germany 

Aptaris Universal Handle large
This very strong and ergonomically shaped handle can be mounted around the Aptaris Cage and Cages with ¼ inch threads as desired by using the Mini-Rails included in the scope of delivery. The handle comes with several 1/4 and 3/8 inch threads, giving you flexibility for mounting accessories. The L-bracket, which is also included in the scope of delivery, gives you full flexibility. At the same time the handle convinces with its very low weight, which is achieved by the use of very light aircraft aluminium. Just like the complete Aptaris system, the handle is also developed and manufactured in Germany.

Aptaris Monitor plate
This monitor bracket offers full flexibility: Depending on the application you can mount these either to the handle module, or directly on the Cage by usingb two ¼ inch threads. The monitor is also mounted to the plate via a ¼ inch thread. The angle can thereby freely adjusted, giving you optimal view to the monitor at any time. The monitor plate can be combined with any Cage. The monitor plate is developed and manufactured in Germany, just like the overall Aptaris system.

Technical specification
Aptaris Universal XL


Outside measurements (Height/Width/Depth)

101-155mm/ 104mm/72mm

Inside measurements (Height/Width/Depth)


Weight incl. handle




Aptaris Rod module


Rod diameter

15 mm

Dimensions (height / width / length)

63 mm / 93 mm / 250 mm


330 g



Aptaris Handle module


Dimensions (height / width / length)


Rod diameter






Aptaris shoulder module


Dimensions (height / width / length)


Rod diameter/length




Aptaris Universal Handle 
Dimensions (L x W x H)120 x 70 x 33 cm
Weightapprox. 150 g 
Áptaris Extension Arm 
Dimensions (L x W x H)150 x 28 x 16 cm
Weightapprox. 90 g (1 piece)
Aptaris Cable Protection 
Dimensions (L/W/H)6 x 2 x 1.8 cm
Weight38 g
Aptaris Lens Support 
Dimensions (L/W/H)9.5 x 2.8 x 7.4 cm
Weight78 g
Aptaris 15mm Rod clamp 
Dimensions (L x W x H)approx. 105x27x26 mm
Aptaris Monitor Plate 
Dimensions (L x W x H)approx. 100x62x28 cm
Included in delivery
  • 1x Aptaris Universal XL Performance Set, consisting of 1x Aptaris Universal XL, 1x handle with mini rail, 1x hot shoe adapter, 1x quick-release plate, 1x angular Allen screwdriver, 7x screws, 2x stoppers, fuse of the cold shoe, L-shaped connector, 1x Rod module for walimex pro Aptaris, 1x handle adapter, 1x handle left, 1x handle right, 1x shoulder support angle piece, 2x 300 mm rods, 4x foam plastic pads, 2x 400 mm rods, 1x handle, 1x Mini-Rail, 1x Mini-Rail long, fastening screws, 1x L-bracket, 1x walimex pro Aptaris extension arm set, 1x cable protection for Aptaris, 1x walimex pro lens support, 1x walimex pro Aptaris 15mm Rod Clamp, 1x walimex pro Aptaris Monitor Plate, 1x Hot shoe for walimex pro Aptaris Cage-System

Article:walimex pro Support Aptaris Universel XL "Kit performance", Groupe d'article:Video Tripod and RigsArticle: walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL "Perfomance Set", Article Group:Video Tripod and RigsArticulo:Conjunto Walimex Pro Aptaris Universal XL , Groupe d'article:Video Tripod and RigsArticolo:Walimex Pro Aptaris Set Universale XL, Gruppo di Articoli:Video Tripod and RigsArtigo:Conjunto Walimex pro Aptaris Universal XL , Grupo de Artigos:Video Tripod and RigsArtikel:, Artikel Group:Video Tripod and Rigs

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