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V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma)

V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma)
V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma) V-Log Set 1 (kit vídeo e Chroma)
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V-Log Set 1

Item number: 20711 
  • Novice-Set for creating Videoblog Content or producing YouTube-Videos
  • Green Background, perfect for chromakeying
  • foldable Background
  • high-quality videotripod made of aluminium
  • Directional Stereomicrophone with broad frequencyrange and low signalnoise
  • dimmable, powerful LED-light with 18cm swivelarm for optimal positioning
Item description

Foldable Background
Perfect for outdoor and indoor Chroma-Key-Shots. The reason is not only the evenly green color and the foldability on approx. one third of the original size, but also the associated transportability. This is space-saving end effective! With a size of 150x200cm, the Background can fulfill a big part of filming demands. The stretcher frame always provides the required stability. It bounces up on its own and can be folded and stored in the carrying bag within seconds.

The walimex VT-2210 Video Basic Camera Tripod is an ideal video tripod for your introduction to the world of filming. Its two pan handles allow fluid panning motions, and can be locked into position with a simple rotatory motion. The tripod head can be rotated and tilted on two axes. Fluid panorama shots up to 360 degrees and tilting movements up to 90 degrees are therefore possible without problems.
The tripod legs have rubber feet that prevent a slipping on smooth surfaces, and spikes that give grip in outdoor situations, such as in a meadow. That way your tripod stands securely on any surface. The quick-release plate is coated with cork and is equipped with a 1/4 inch connection. That way your camera does not loosen unintentionally. Additionally, the head is equipped with a bubble level for exact leveling of the camera.
The VT-2210 is made from aluminum and the workmanship is excellent. The double aluminum legs and the tripod spreader ensure the necessary stability. The tripod has a maximum weight capacity of approx. 4.5kg. A transport bag is of course included in delivery.

Stereo microphone with optimal recording sound
The stereo microphone by walimex pro is ideal for use with DSRLs, camcorders and audio recorders. Due to the two super cardioid capsules you receive first class, real stereo sound with it. The large frequency range and the low intrinsic noise ensure a high recording quality. A built-in elastic suspension provides for acoustic decoupling. The adjustable sound attenuation makes the recording of loud signals possible without having to accept a loss of recording quality.

Video DSLR Lightning Kit
The walimex pro video VDSLR Lightning Kit is suitable for all who would like to shoot professional films with their DSLR camera The set includes an LED video lamp with 128 powerful LEDs, which gives you the opportunity to achieve excellent results even in case of poor ambient light conditions. The lamp is dimmable and has an infinitely adjustable power control, so that you can adapt the illumination to each shooting situation. The swivel arm with several ball joints ensures an optimal position of the LEDs. These can be screwed to the also delivered angel clamp using the 1/4 inch thread, whereby the LED can be aligned as required. The 15mm angle clamp must be mounted to the round rods of your rig.

Technical specification
Dimensions (WxH)approx. 150x200cm
Transport diameterapprox. 70cm
Weightapprox. 1750g
Material plastic, metal ring
Max. Heightapprox. 188cm
Min. Heightapprox. 78cm
Transport Sizeapprox. 82cm
Max. Load Capacityapprox. 4.5kg
Weightapprox. 4.0kg
Connection Thread1/4 inch
Materialaluminum, plastic (fasteners)
Acoustic Principlepressure gradient
Directional Pattern2x super cardioid (X/Y)
Maximum SPL135dB SPL
Signal/Noise75dB SPL
Equivalent Noise20dB SPL
Frequency Range38Hz – 20kHz
High Pass Filter80Hz 12dB/octave
Sensitivity-38dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (12.8mV @ 94dB SPL)
Dynamic Range115dB SPL
Output Impedence200Ω
Power Supply9V battery
Connection3.5mm stereo mini jack plug
Weightapprox. 470g
LED Video Light 
Light Output (at 2m distance)180 Lux
150 Lux with diffuser
79 Lux with orange filter
Color Filter5000K
3100K with orange filter
Operating Voltage6-10V DC
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 12x4.5x7cm
Weight (without battery)approx. 205g
Battery NP-F550 
Dimensions (LxWxH)approx. 7x4x2cm
Weightapprox. 95g
Swivel Arm 
Lengthapprox. 18cm
Weightapprox. 195g
Connecting Thread and Screws1/4 inch
Load Capacityapprox. 2kg
Angular Clamp 
Connecting Thread1/4 inch (2x)
Diameter Clamp Openings15mm
Materialaluminum, plastic
Included in delivery
  • 1x walimex Foldable Background green 150x200cm with convenient carrying bag
  • 1x walimex VT-2210 Video Basic Camera Tripod, 188cm, incl. transport bag
  • 1x walimex pro Stereo Microphone for DSLR, incl. fur wind shield and spare rubber bands
  • 1x walimex pro LED Video Light with 128 LED, incl. diffuser sheet, orange color filter sheet, ball head, charger, 12V car cable, power supply and NP-F570/550 battery,1x walimex pro walimex pro DSLR Swivel arm Magic 18, 1x walimex pro 15mm Angular Clamp with 1/4 inch thread

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